Emily's delectable bar buffet

When it comes to sprinkling extra sweetness on a party, nothing does it as well as tasty bars from Emily's Bakery & Deli. Our professional bakers have perfected a wide array of delicious bars that excite every taste bud known to science. We use the finest ingredients and time-tested recipes to create mouth-watering morsels that will make your next party a memorable event.

Chocolate Lovers!

Below are some bar choices guaranteed to satisfy your chocolate cravings:

  • Emily's Chocolate Brownies
        with walnuts.
    $4.25 for a 6 pack
    $8.50 for a dozen
  • Magic Morsels -- chocolate
       chips, walnuts, coconut,
       butterscotch chips & more!
    6 for $4.75
    1 dozen for $9.50

  • Caramel Nut Candy Bars --
       caramel, walnuts &
       chocolate. Need we say
    6 for $4.75
    1 dozen for $9.50
  • Emily's Dark Chocolate
       Brownies -- a perfectly sinful
       treat for chocolate lovers!
    6 for $5.00
    1 dozen for $10.00
  • Streusel-topped bars!

    Like your bars topped with a crumbly mix of flour, butter, sugar and cinnamon? Who doesn't? Check out these palate pleasers:

  • Apple bars -- with streusel
       topping. What a treat!
  • Fruit Streusel -- two
       varieties: blueberry and
       raspberry. All have a
       traditional crust topped with
       fruit & covered with streusel.
  • Date bars -- with streusel
       topping. Delicious.
    6 for $4.25
    1 dozen for $8.50

  • Packaged lemon bars

    Dessert tray features a mix of Emily's fabulous bars

    Emily's chocolate brownies are sinfully delicious

    Emily's date bars have a rich streusel topping

    Bar trays. . .

    can be ordered by the dozen and we'll find a tray that works best for your needs.

    Bars can be assorted or you can specify which bars you want -- provided you give us a few days' notice.

    Bars also can be paired with our gourmet cookies and/or our filled raspberry, apricot and date cookies and/or with our regular bakery cookies. This flexibility allows you to build treat trays that offer your guests numerous choices.

    Bar trays are $11.95 per dozen

    Emily's Bakery & Deli
    Midtown Shopping Center
    Hastings, MN 55033
    651-437-3338 (Bakery)
    651-437-2491 (Deli)


    Below is a bar that has maintained its popularity through the decades:

  • Lemon -- traditional lemon
       bar with powdered sugar
       sprinkled on top.
    6 for $4.25
    1 dozen for $8.50
  • Cookie-type bars!

    These delicious bars are cut into wide slices and packaged by weight:

  • Raisin Molasses -- chewy
       delight! Frosted with white
    $3.50 for 10 ounces

  • Fall Favorites!

    When the leaves begin to turn and the air starts to chill, the bars below remind us of the fall harvest:

  • Apple Bars -- a cake-type bar
       with cream cheese icing
       and walnuts.
    6 for $4.75
    1 dozen for $9.50

  • Pecan -- they're great in
       the fall, or anytime,
       for that matter!
    6 for $5.00
    1 dozen for $10.00

  • Pumpkin-- old-fashioned
       pumpkin bar topped with
       cream cheese icing.
    6 for $4.25
    1 dozen for $8.50
  • Specialty Bars!

    Looking for something a little different? Check out the two special bars below. Each bar is individually wrapped and priced by the pound.

  • Baseball Bars -- oats with peanut butter, butterscotch and chocolate. A winning team of ingredients!
  • Prison Bars -- Rice Krispies, peanut butter and chocolate. A breakout delight!
    $6.00 a pound
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