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The Staff at Emily's
Cookie Cupboard
Trailblazer Cookies

Meet the newest member of Emily's impressive cookie family. These little beauties are stuffed with cranberries, almonds, chocolate chips and oatmeal -- all the good stuff! It's no wonder Trailblazers have become one of our most popular cookies.

Only $1.50 each.

Regular Cookies

Our homemade cookies are made with the finest ingredients and baked to perfection. Available in a variety of flavors, they are certain to please even the most perceptive taste buds.
• Chocolate Chip
• Toffee Chip
• Sugar
• Ginger
• Peanut Butter
• Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

Emily's cookies are great for meetings, open houses and larger get-togethers.

$4.40 a dozen
or 40¢ each.

Emily's Cookie
Dough sheets

All the fun without the mess! Perfect for holiday baking. Moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts . . . have entertained many children with our white butter cut-out cookie dough sheets. Try it for a birthday party. Children of all ages love cutting out their own cookies and then watching them bake. They are even more thrilled when they can frost and decorate them.

The sheets are rolled out and ready for cutting. Approximately two to three dozen cookies can be cut from each sheet. Frosting and sprinkles can be ordered also. These sheets can be ordered anytime. Just call 24 hours in advance.

Only $11.95 a sheet

Filled Cookies

White butter cutouts, folded over and filled with either dates or raspberry. These tasty gems are becoming very popular.

Only 99¢ each.

Check out all your favorite cookies

Bakery & Deli

Midtown Shopping Center
Hastings, MN 55033



White Butter Cutouts

Made with real butter and whipped cream, these cookies are as delicious as they sound. What's more, they are available in a variety of shapes to fit every holiday season. Here are some other ideas:

• They make ideal treats for birthday celebrations at school.

• One of our most popular shapes is a scalloped round cookie decorated to look like a bright yellow smile face.

• Another popular option is our round, baseball-size cutout decorated as soccer balls or baseballs for various sports teams. They also can be ordered with stenciled hockey sticks for the hockey team.

Prices vary

• White butter cutouts are great for baby showers. (See photo above.)

• White butter cutouts also make delicious wedding favors. Our three-tiered wedding cake cookies and our heart cookies are perfect for the occasion. Our decorator can add initials to personalize your treat. Others have chosen to have a single word on each cookies. Examples include "faith," "hope" and "love." Depending on your wedding colors, our decorator may be able to include these on the cookies as well.

Prices vary

Another wedding favor idea is pictured above. The bride chose to use Emily's popular ruffled-edged round cookie and then had our decorator frost them and personalize them with a "J" in their wedding colors, teal and brown.

Gourmet Cookies

Looking for a special treat? Try one of Emily's Gourmet Cookies. Made from special recipes, gourmet cookies are thicker, chewier and larger than regular cookies.
• Chocolate Chip
• Oatmeal raisin
• Double Chocolate
• M&M
• Sugar
• Peanutbutter

Only $1.25 each.

Giant Cookies

Emily's bakers can turn any Gourmet Cookie Dough flavor into gigantic cookies that will trigger big grins on the faces of all cookie lovers. They are ideal for birthday celebrations. Available in two sizes, they come undecorated or decorated with a birthday message and either flowers or balloons.
10" size: $9.50 undecorated
10" size: $13.50 decorated
12" size: $10.50 undecorated
12" size: $15.95 decorated

For a unique party treat, Gourmet Cookie Dough also can be baked into a large sheet and decorated with a message and colorful balloons or flowers.

Quarter sheet: $15.95
Half sheet: $24.95