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Emily's Bakery
& Deli

Hastings, MN


651-437-2491 (Deli)

Welcome to our Website!
As you can see from the menu above, each page of our Web site is devoted to a single topic, such as breads, rolls, soups etc. We update the site often, so stop back and check us out frequently. We're always adding something new and delicious.

NOTE: As you browse through the site, you'll notice that most of the pages take awhile to download. That's because they contain lots of photos. So rather than just read about party trays or wedding cakes, you can see -- in living color! -- exactly how they look. So please be patient. The few extra seconds are worth the wait.

Thanks for visiting our site!
The Staff at Emily's
As you travel on
through life, Brother,
whatever be your goal,
keep your eye upon the donut,
not upon the hole!


Apple turnovers are pictured on the top shelf. Next to the turnovers are another popular puff pastry fancy item, the almond horseshoes.

French donuts are light and airy. Some people call them french cruellers or tractor tires!

Emily's donut holes or donut balls are popular treats. Cinnamon sugar are pictured on the left, glazed on the right.

Emily's bakers sprinkle their cake donuts with colors to match the season. These green and white candy sprinkles are perfect for St. Pat's Day!

These golden fried apple fritters are filled with chunks of apples and cinnamon. What a treat!

Emily's features a wide variety of donuts, including raised donuts and cake donuts with assorted toppings. Stop in today to check out our display cases.

Emily's tantalizing German chocolate rolls start with a cinnamon fried roll and end with a pecan and coconut caramel frosting drizzled with chocolate. They're a sweet tooth's delight!

These mouth-watering delicacies are cinnamon fried rolls smothered with maple frosting. Yummmm!

Muffin mixture! From left to right: morning glory muffins made with coconut, carrots and raisins; cranberry orange muffins made with cranberries, oranges and pecans; blueberry muffins made with wild blueberries.

Old-fashioned cinnamon pull-a-parts are a delicious addition to breakfast. Formed from sections of bun dough and sweetened with cinnamon and glaze, they are only


Muffin Schedule

Because of our wide selection of muffins, our bakers must stagger the production schedule. While we try to follow the schedule below as closely as possible, we occasionally encounter situations that force us to change it slightly. Thank you for your patience.

Here is the schedule:

Monday: blueberry & bakers

Tuesday: Banana/banana
              chocolate chip.

Wednesday: blueberry &
                   cranberry orange.

Thursday: morning glory &
                 banana/ banana
                 chocolate chip.

Friday: blueberry & cranberry

Saturday: blueberry & bakers

Sunday: bakers choice.

99¢ each

6 for $5.94
12 for $11.88

Donuts -- they're the ones with holes in the middle! Emily's produces raised donuts and cake donuts with different toppings. We also produce french donuts.

Fried Rolls -- they have no hole and are fried, not baked. Emily's offers a variety of fried rolls. Most are made from the same dough, but the shape, filling and topping make them different from one another.

Danish Pastries -- a baked sweet item filled with a variety of fruits and fillings.

Fancy Items -- more elaborate sweet treats that are a tad more expensive.

Muffins -- a quick, moist bread available in numerous flavors, such as blueberry, banana and cranberry orange. Emily's produces a standard-size muffin. In addition to muffins on our regular weekly schedule, we also produce seasonal favorites, such as rhubarb and zucchini.

Donut Holes -- made from cake donut dough, they come with a variety of toppings and flavors.

Raised Donuts
Chocolate frosted: 95¢
Sugared: 90¢
Glazed: 90¢
White frosted: 95¢
Sprinkled: 95¢
Cake Donuts
Plain: 60¢
Glazed: 85¢
Nutty: 85¢
Sprinkled: 85¢
(with either white or chocolate frosting under the sprinkles)
White frosted: 85¢
Chocolate frosted: 85¢
Double chocolate: 85¢
(chocolate-flavored dough with chocolate frosting)
Seasonal flavors: 85¢
(also available throughout the year; they include apple spice, pumpkin and blueberry)
Old fashioned cake donuts: 85¢
(made on Fridays; we offer plain, glazed and surgared.)
Donut Holes
Always a popular treat for kids of all ages!

15¢ each
12 for $1.75

French Donuts
White frosted: 85¢
Chocolate frosted: 85¢
Fried Rolls
Long John
  • Chocolate frosted with custard filling: $1.05
  • Nut topped with raspberry-apple filling: $1.05
  • White frosted with lemon filling: $1.05
    Glazed Cinnamon: 95¢
    Nutty: $1.05
    Sugared Cinnamon: 95¢
    Cinnamon fried rolls
    Coconut topped: 95¢
    Glazed: 95¢
    Maple topped: 95¢
  • Chocolate frosted with custard filling: $1.05
  • White frosted with raspberry-apple filling: $1.05
  • Sugared with raspberry-apple filling: $1.05
    Apple Fritters
    chock full of diced apples and cinnamon: $1.05
    Pretzel Twists
    They look like pretzels but are a fried dough with glaze. They have no cinnamon or filling: 95¢
  • Fancy Items
    Apple Turnovers
  • A puff pastry treat filled with apples and drizzled with icing: $1.75
    Apple Crispies
  • A folded-over puff pastry filled with apples, cinnamon and nuts: $1.75
    Danish Crispies
  • A flat, danish product coated with caramelized cinnamon and sugar: $1.25
    Almond Horseshoes
  • An almond paste-filled puff pastry topped with icing and sliced almonds: $1.75
    Danish Caramel Rolls
  • Emily's round caramel rolls made out of danish dough topped with caramel and pecans: $1.60
    Sweetdough Caramel Rolls
  • Emily's square caramel rolls topped with pecans: $1.60
  • Also available small pan caramel rolls:
    6 for $4.69
    12 for $9.38

    Sweetdough Cinnamon Rolls
  • Frosted with white icing: $1.39
  • Also available small pan cinnamon rolls:
    6 for $3.99
    12 for $7.99
    German Chocolate Rolls
  • Start with Emily's cinnamon fried roll and then top with german chocolate icing. German chocolate icing consists of coconut and pecans swimming in a caramel-type mixture drizzled with a chocolate icing: $1.49
  • Emily's mini cinnamon pull-a-parts . . . a size that seems fitting for most customers! Four sections of bun dough with just the right amount of cinnamon and glaze . . . oh, so yummy! A sweet treat for just $1.50. Available most days, but as our sales people will tell you, "If you know you want this treat on a particular day, don't be afraid to order!"


    Coffeecake Alert!

    Emily's bakers produce a wide selection of coffeecakes on Fridays and Saturdays. However, coffeecakes can be ordered for any day of the week. To order yours, please call the day before you need to pick it up and we'll have it ready for you.
    Thank you.

    Emily's nutty cake donuts, on the left, and chocolate cake donuts, on the right, make delicious treats any time of the year.

    One of our most popular rolls, the chocolate long john filled with custard, is sinfully delicious.

    Three varieties of danish pastry are lined up on the top shelf. From left to right: cherry, cinnamon and apple nut with maple frosting. See below for a complete list of danish pastry fillings.

    Emily's family of fried rolls include three types of long johns, as pictured on the second shelf. On the third shelf, second tray from right, are Emily's Holland cream sticks, which are produced only on Fridays and Saturdays.

    Two of the most popular donuts at Emily's are the glazed and raised donuts, displayed above on the top shelf. Meantime, Emily's glazed and cinnamon-sugared old-fashioned cake donuts are displayed in the far left tray on the second shelf. Old-fashioned donutes are made every Friday.

    The top shelf of this case displays fancy items, such as sweetdough caramel rolls, sweetdough cinnamon rolls and danish caramel rolls.

    White-iced sweet-dough cinnamon pan rolls are a great idea for larger brunch gatherings.

    Danish Delight!
    Emily's delectable danish rolls come in a cornucopia of flavors:
  • Almond
  • Apple
  • Apricot
  • Bear claws -- date-filled
  • Blueberry
  • Cinnamon
  • Cherry
  • Figure 8s -- pineapple & raspberry
  • Lemon
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Cinnamon nut
  • Date
  • Poppyseed
  • $1.10 each
    6 for $6.60
    12 for $12.95

    Emily's Creamcheese
    Danish Coffeecakes

    These tasty beauties can be made in a variety of flavors. Fruit flavors include apple, apricot, blueberry, cherry, lemon, raspberry and strawberry. Any of the fruit flavors can be ordered without the creamcheese. We also make a creamcheese coffeecake without any fruit.
    Our other danish coffeecakes include almond, apple walnut with maple frosting, buttercream, cinnamon, date, poppyseed and prune.

    Any of the above for only

    Coffeecake in foreground is apple creamcheese. Coffeecake on top is blueberry. Coffeecake on the left is raspberry creamcheese.

    Coffeecake on bottom is cinnamon with streusel topping. Coffeecake on top is almond with toasted coconut sprinkled on top.

    Buy a dozen -- get a price break!
    $1.05 rolls or donuts
    Buy a dozen for $11.95
    95¢ rolls or donuts
    Buy a dozen for $10.95
    90¢ rolls or donuts
    Buy a dozen for $10.50
    Select a dozen assorted items from the three price groups above for only
    Emily's Bakery & Deli
    Midtown Shopping Center
    Hastings, MN 55033
    651-437-3338 (bakery)
    651-437-2491 (deli)