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Emily's Bakery
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Hastings, MN

Welcome to our Website!
As you can see from the menu above, each page of our Web site is devoted to a single topic, such as breads, rolls, soups etc. We update the site often, so stop back and check us out frequently. We're always adding something new and delicious.

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The Staff at Emily's

Stop at Emily's
for those delectable
little extras that
will make your Easter dinner
a memorable event!

White butter cut-out cookies are tasty -- they contain real butter and whipping cream! -- and are available in a variety of fun shapes -- bunnies, eggs, chicks and crosses. They are then decorated in a wide assortment of Easter colors.

Large bunny face cookie: $1.55
Large bunny body cookie: $1.55
Large egg cookie: $1.05
Regular bunny: 65¢
Egg: 60¢
Chick: 65¢
Cross cookie: 60¢

New at Emily's!

Cake Truffles. A rich, sweet treat. Perfect for Easter dessert. Available in white, chocolate, almond or lemon cake with white or chocolate icing. Or you can try our cake pops -- it's a cake truffle on a stick!

white, chocolate and marble: $1.75
lemon and almond: $1.85

Cake Truffles

Fudge-like center


Large bunny cakes in white, chocolate or marble with white buttercream icing. Cute for kids.

One 7" layer: $11.50
One 8" layer: $13.50
One 9" layer: $16.50

Small bunny cakes come in chocolate or white with buttercream icing. Can be ordered with or without coconut flakes. Great for kids.


Small egg cakes, see photo above, come in chocolate or white and your choice of chocolate or white icing poured over the top and topped with a rose bud. They can be personalized with your children's names or they can be used as place settings for all your guests.


Easter egg baskets made with white cake and buttercream icing with pipecleaner handles and filled with goodies.


Check out Emily's wide selection of homemade Dinner Rolls. A basket of hot rolls is the perfect complement to your Easter ham
To provide variety to your Easter meal -- fruit, melon salad, salmon ball, cheese spread -- add a few Emily's Party Trays to your dinner table.

Emily's Lenten Favorite!

Hurry or you'll miss out on a real treat. During the Lenten season, Emily's bakers hand craft their highly popular Hot Cross Buns. But when Lent ends, the curtain falls on yet another short season. These delicious beauties are made with chopped fruit and raisins. Then they are crossed with thin strips of white icing. Tastefully priced at only 75¢ each, 6 for $4.50 or 12 for $8.50
But don't procrastinate. Time is flying.

Easter Pies

Emily's mouth-watering pies are made from scratch, using time-tested recipes and the finest ingredients. Easter dinner would not be complete without at least one generous slice. Pick out your favorites from the list below.

Dutch Apple

Wild Blueberry
Peach Blueberry
Caramel Apple

Triple Berry

(strawberry, raspberry & wild blueberry)
Graham Cracker Cream
Banana Cream
Coconut Cream
Chocolate Cream
Chocolate Chiffon
Lemon Meringue

spring & summer)
Triple Chocolate
Oreo Cookies
& Cream
Strawberry Banana Cream

Fresh Strawberry

Strawberry Cream Cheese


spring and summer)
Peanut Butter

Danish Coffeecakes

Emily's features numerous fruit and creamcheese coffeecake combinations. They are available in apple, apricot, blueberry, cherry, lemon, raspberry and strawberry. Danish Coffeecakes without creamcheese are available in all fruits, plus almond, buttercream, cinnamon, apple with maple frosting, date, poppyseed and prune.

$6.50 each

Easter cookies
Decorate your Easter table with our beautifully decorated cross-shaped white butter cutout cookies.

Cheese Cakes
If you're looking for a special ending to your Easter feast, treat your guests to a slice of Emily's homemade cheese cake. To read more, click here.

Key Lime
Cheese Cake Tarts

Available in regular size (pictured above) or in a mini-tart size.

Emily's Bakery & Deli
Midtown Shopping Center
Hastings, MN 55033